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Fixed Deposit as high as 14% -The best return in the market

Daraja Microfinance Bank Fixed Deposit as high as 14% -The best return in the market

Fixed Deposit as high as 14% -The best return in the market

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How much do I invest in Daraja Fixed Deposit?

You can invest from Ksh. 20,000 to Ksh. 100,000,000/=

How is my interest calculated?

Interest is calculated and accrued on a daily basis on the Fixed Deposit balance

How do I receive my interest?

You have the option to receive your interest; monthly, quarterly or yearly

How much interest do I earn on my Fixed Deposit?Earn interest of between 10% and 12% for amounts between 100,000/= and 999,999/=

Take up our Fixed deposit of upto 14% p.a .

What is the minimum duration of investment?

Minimum tenure of 3 months. For a shorter term, we advise placing your investment on Call Deposit at a rate of up to 10%

Is my money safe?

Very Safe. Daraja Microfinance Bank is Licensed and Regulated by Central Bank of Kenya. As such we subscribe to solid governance practice and operate under strict statutory supervisory environment that secures customer deposits. We are also members of Kenya Deposits Insurance Corporation that further secures customer funds.


How do I make the Fixed Deposit investment?

             Give instructions to transfer from savings / current account to a fixed deposit account, or Issue a transfer advise to your banker  with the following details

                          Account No: 1002270777

                         Account Name: Daraja Microfinance Bank 

                        Bank:  NIC

                         Branch:   Junction

                         Code:   NINCKENA

                         Narration:   Your Name or Account Number


What if I don’t have an account with Daraja?

 Visit our branch at Dagoretti Corner or call us on 0718 444 888 to arrange for an Officer visit. Fill an account opening form; provide National ID or Company Registration documents

What if circumstances required that I withdraw the money before maturity?

 No Need to Worry. You will withdraw your investment. However, we will recompute the interest to what you would have   earned  for the shorter investment period

What other benefits do I get from my investment?

 You can access loans against your deposit up to 80% of Fixed Deposit

Deposit directly to your account via Paybill 800642 | Access your account conveniently anywhere anytime!
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